The Original Tiny Hands Challenge Game

How many of you remember tiny hands? This is something that started back in 2008 on Saturday Night Live with the Maharelle Sisters from the Finger Lakes. Basically, they were singing about how great it is to be sisters, but we couldn’t help but to notice how Dooneese looked off in comparison to her siblings. Then, when she raises up her arm to her forehead and salutes the camera, we notice that her hand is the size of a doll. Since then, having tiny hands has been a real hit in the comedy world. So today, I am going to give you a helping hand (no pun intended) and introduce you to the Original Tiny Hands Challenge Game.

The Original Tiny Hands Challenge Game comes to us from the ever so popular Moose Toys. When I first opened up the box and saw the tiny hands, it took me about thirty minutes to stop laughing and pick up the instructions and learn how to start playing the game. Yes, it really is that funny, and once you have it in front of you, you’ll see exactly why I was laughing.

The tiny hands that come with this package are a bit different from the ones you can find in novelty stores. This set has wrists with handles attached to them, which make it so that you have a little bit more control.

Playing the Game

The game is actually pretty fun to play. Basically, you split up in teams that complete challenges and wager bets. There’s a spinner that will decide whether each team must complete a team challenge, solo challenge, or round of charades using the tiny hands, tinier hands, or both of them.

The Goal of the Game

The first team to reach a total of 31 points has won. Once players have read their challenge card, it is up to them to decide how much they would like to wager and then move forward to complete the given task. If the team is successful, the next team can do the same challenge if they feel they can complete the card and wager the same amount or a greater amount.

The game comes with a timer and a shoestring. Occasionally, it will require household items like a pen or a cup. This game is labeled for children ages 8 and up, but I know many adults that love it.


In order to play the Original Tiny Hands Challenge Game, you will need at least four people, but the bigger the teams, the more fun it’s going to be. For those of you that are looking for an interesting game to play at your next party, this one would be a good choice.