Rescue Runts

I remember when I was a teenager, I wanted to save every abandoned animal I could find (I still have this issue from time to time). Everything from the dog that was running loose on the streets to the cat that was stuck in the tree, I just can’t help but to give them a helping hand and find their home. If you have a child that has a love for stray animals, there’s a new toy coming out that they may be interested in and it goes by the name of “Rescue Runts.”

What are Rescue Runts?

Basically, Rescue Runts can fulfill your kids desire for taking care of stray animals. They are perfect for those little ones that are showing a love for pets. I believe you could use these pets as a way to show your children how to care for an animal and show them what an amazing feeling it can be.

Release Date

These toys are scheduled to come out during the summer of 2018, which isn’t too far away. While they come out during the summer, I believe this is a trend that will end up underneath the Christmas tree this year, so it would be best to get them while you can.

Cats and Dogs

Rescue Runts will be available as cats and dogs. In the beginning, they’re probably not going to look so beautiful, but with a little bit of TLC, they will become the perfect pet.

When They First Arrive

When the Rescue Runts first arrive, their fur will be matted and filled with fleas (not for real, but just for play). Their eyes will be watery and their paws will be dirty. When your child first sees the shape of these pets, they are going to be sad, but in due time, magic will start to happen.

Use the tweezers and remove those fleas from his/her fur and use a soft cloth to wipe those tears from the eyes and dirt from their paws. Take time to love and cuddle the rescue run and it will speed up their healing process.

Rescue Runts ad from loboden on Vimeo.

Don’t Go Days without Caring for Your Rescue Runt

When you brush and pet them, magic will happen – they will transform into a beautiful pet. If your child goes days without playing with the pet, their fur will go back to a matted mess again. This shows children that pets need to be cared for on a routine basis. Once they give the rescue runt some TLC again, the toy will turn into a happy and clean version of itself.


I really believe Rescue Runts are going to be a big hit when they first come out. If you’re looking to teach your little one how to care for a pet, then this is a great way to start.