Mattel Turning Mecard

As an adult, I find myself looking at toys in today’s world and saying “I wish those toys were out when I was young.” This is because they look very fun. Of course, as children, we had fun toys, but with all of the technology advancements, toys have definitely improved. I must say, it is easy to spoil our children with all of the latest and greatest toys that we would have liked as a kid. One toy that really caught my eye (because I have always been a major Hot Wheels fan) is the Mattel Turning Mecard.

About Turning Mecard

Before I get started, I would like to tell you a bit about the company that is responsible for making this toy. Turning Mecard started out as a fad in South Korea where it originated. Back in 2016, Mattel actually picked up the rights to distribute the franchise throughout the world – not including Mainland China and South Korea. When you see the word “Mattel” nesting behind a label, you can safely assume that it’s going to be a good toy. This is a company that obviously knows what they are doing as they have been in the toy manufacturing business since 1945 (their main headquarters is based in California). The brands and products they produce include Barbie, Fisher-Price, Ever After High, Monster High, Matchbox, Masters of the Universe, Board Games, American Girl, WWE, Winx Club and of course, Hot Wheels.

What Type of Toy is this?

Surely, by now, you’re wondering what the Turning Mecard is and what it does. Basically, long story short, they’re very cool vehicles. What makes these vehicles so cool would be the fact that they are capable of transforming into a gigantic robot hero, or into a little car. These toys are based on the popular animated television show that aired in South Korea – in this show, mini cars are capable of morphing into alien robots …every time I think of this, it reminds me of Transformers.

In order to trigger the neat morphing mechanism, all you have to do is roll the vehicle onto the front edge of the Mecard. With a flip, the creature hero will come to life before your eyes. If you wish to put this robot back into a car form, all you have to do is repeat the process. You can go against your opponents in the battle arena in head to head play. Right now, I see kids spending hours on end as they engage in this active toy.

The starter pack includes a total of 3 cards, 1 vehicle, and of course, instructions. The colors and the decorations may vary.


If you have children that love Hot Wheels and transformers, then why not combine the two? The Mattel Turning Mecard definitely has a lot of fun and excitement nesting behind it.