Lego Brick Headz Go Brick Me

The line of BrickHeadz is growing, and today, I am here to tell you about the latest called “Go Brick Me.” This one is a tad bit different from the others in the line and even for those of you that don’t like the figures, this one right here might be interesting to you for a variety of reasons.

What is Lego Brick Headz Go Brick Me?

Lego Brick Heads is different from the others in the line, because you’re not building a specific character from television. With this set, you will basically be putting yourself together (or anyone else you feel like constructing).

Regardless of who you or your subject are, whether they’re red-haired, brown haired, a blonde, light skinned, or dark skinned, this set right here contains everything you need in order to represent yourself.

Go Brick Me comes with some instructions for three models, and you can use those instructions to put those models together, or you can jump right in and start building yourself.

Total Pieces

In all, this set contains a total of 708 pieces. It sells for $29.99, and in my opinion, the price is well worth it. The pieces come in seven different bags, and each one of those bags is numbered. I must admit, I really like how Lego bags their pieces, because it helps me stay organized as I’m putting it together. In the first bag, you have what you need to build a white figure that is shown on the box, along with some accessories. In the other bags, there’s parts that you can use for building your own subject.

The Build

For those of you that have never dealt with BrickHeads before, I would follow the instructions that come with the set so that you can get the hang of it before you start building your own. There are actually enough parts to start on another figure, while you have the blank one, which is something I think is really nice.

The hair and the head of the BrickHeadz are the main features and there are a large amount of parts for customization. For my hair, I chose the faux hawk style, and I must say, I really liked the results. For the face, I gave myself a nice pair of round frames. For further customization, there’s more accessories including a guitar, surfboard, book, suitcase, camera, cup, microphone, trophy, and wand. Since I enjoy playing the guitar, I went for the guitar and microphones.


Overall, I believe Lego did a great job with Go Brick Me. The price of the set compared to the amount of parts that come with it was a major surprise to me – there’s definitely more than enough here so that you can easily create your subject.