Hasbro Jenga’s Pass Challenge Game

As a child, do you remember playing an exciting game of Jenga with your friends or family members? Let me refresh your memory – in a game of Jenga, each player will take a turn removing one block at a time from a tower of blocks (54 blocks total). Each time a player removes a block, they are required to place it on top of the tower, which creates an even taller structure (also more unstable). The game comes to an end when the tower crumbles, or if any piece falls from the tower, except for the block that is being pulled out to move to the top. The winner would be the last individual that successfully removed and placed a block. Fun fact: The word “Jenga” is a Swahili word that means “to build.” Pretty cool, right? You can still find the original Jenga in the stores, but Hasbro has released something that has a twist to it – it’s Jenga’s Pass Challenge.

What is Jenga Challenge?

With Jenga’s Pass Challenge, you’re probably going to forget all about Jenga, because this one is even more fun. During this game, you’ll be removing wooden blocks from the platform in order to build the tower, then you’ll be eliminating it block by block while holding one of the platforms handles. While removing the blocks, just like with the previous version of Jenga, you’ll need to have a sturdy hand – as you’re passing the platform to the next player, you’ll need to make sure it doesn’t crash.

The platform has two handles on it and comes with a nice stabilizing stand to help you out. The game includes a total of ten challenges like the Chopstick Challenge, Blind Block, and Flamingo Fumble.

This game comes with a total of 27 hardwood Jenga blocks and a resealable plastic bag so that you can safely store the games pieces. Also with the blocks, you have the passing platform, stacking stand, and of course, the instructions.


This game is recommended for ages 8 and up. I know some adults, including myself, that love to play Jenga’s Pass Challenge and it definitely brings back memories of the good old days. Even if there’s just two of you, you can still play a good game of Jenga.


If you were a child of the 80s, then surely, you remember this game – it was one of the popular board games that teachers had on their shelf – the game that many children loved playing during their free time. When I originally saw Hasbro offering another Jenga game, I just had to get it and now, I’m glad I did, because now, it’s one of my children’s favorite board games and is something that we play quite often together.