Barbie Beekeeper Playset

Whoever came up with this idea deserves a medal! Who would have thought Barbie as an apiarist!

Barbie celebrates her 60th birthday this year but luckily she never fact she gets prettier and of course more environmentally friend as time goes by.

This is one of a line of Barbie career dolls. Each one wears the clothes associated with their trade and include accessories for fun play. You can get the Barbie Dentist, Barbie Doctor, Barbie Farmer and Vet and of course the Beekeeper Barbie which is our favorite.

The great thing about this playset is it is educational. You can teach your child how bees are an endangered species, how bees pollinate flowers and also how honey is made. With a good book about bees or even a YouTube video and maybe a honey based snack your child can learn a lot about bees and their role in this World. This will also make playing with the set a much richer experience.

Beekeeper Barbie is dressed as fashionably as we would expect but with an extra layer of protective gear to save her from bee stings. From the feet up she is wearing a pair of brown boots and blue pants, her white jacket is nicely decorated with bees.

To protect her body she wears a pair of white gloves and the required safety gear of any beekeeper a hat with a net veil.

There are two versions of this particular Barbie African-American and Caucasian.

There’s a nice number of accessories with this set. It comes with a colorful stand that includes a blue spinning beehive. There is a computer monitor and two honey bear jars. There is also a honeycomb that slides in an out.

And lets not forget some bees as well which can be housed in the beehive in a sliding drawer. The bees can also come out of the drawer and pollinate some beautiful orange and red flowers that they can be attached to with their pegged bodies.


This is very different from the usual Barbie sets and we love it. Any Barbie collector or child who likes dolls will appreciate this set. If this isn’t there first Barbie Career doll they will welcome this one to their collection. This will teach children the importance of the honey bee in a fun playful way. Remember to teach them that though bees are our friends they can still deliver a nasty sting!